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Basset Specialty

Baltic Winner and 2 other shows

We spend 3 days in Tallinn with some petits and ”Oona” the Grand.
Friday 17.8. Group show for groups 6 and 7
judge: Aleksandras Kulesa, Lithuania
  • Ricky, CC and BOS
  • Täplä (Nightdream Rhyme De Moines), BB-2 BOB-veteran and BIS-2 veteran 
  •  Oona won Best Of Breed out of 13 grands
Ricky & Täplä was BOB-brace and finally, after a bit of practice BIS-2 brace. 

Oona BOB and BOS was her father, Picture: Maria Aaltovirta


Täplä BIS-2 veteran! Photo: Maria Aaltovirta


Oona, Photo: Maria Aaltovirta

Saturday 18.8. BALTIC WINNER 2012

judge: George Schogol

  • Ricky did great, he won CACIB, BALTIW WINNER 2012 title, BEST OF BREED and BIG-3!
  • Tate BM-2 and res-cacib
  • Lettu (Nightdream Issidore Ducasse) EXC/1, BB-2 with CACIB -> BALTIC WINNER 2012!
  • Täplä BB-4, BOB-veteran which means she is now also BALTIC VETERAN WINNER 2012! Täplä got also her 3rd Estonian veteran CC, this mean that she is now also Estonian Veteran Champion.

BOB & BOS Marshmellow vanTum-tums Vriendjes, photo Maria Aaltovirta


Photo: Maria Aaltovirta

Sunday 19.8. Group show for group 6

  • Ricky Best of Breed
  • Täplä BB-4 BOB-vet and BIS-4 veteran