Nightdream Karla Du Pont
D.O.B. 19.6.2005
Breeder: Sirkka Sundström
Owners: Kristina Bergström

Father: Ch Imperialls Frodo Baggins
Mother: Ch Nightdream Rhyme De Moines
Finnish Champion
Estonian Champion
Estonian Winner 2011
Estonian Junior Winner 2006

#4 Show PBGV Bitch in Finland 2008
CACIB, 4 x CAC and 6 x res-CACIB
I want to turn back the clock, to make things go back as they where. You were young, wild, happy and healthy.

But that’s not how life works. It’s moving, always moving forward, whether we like it or not. The last few years I recognized that you got older. Still you staid positive and happy. I saw that you could not see so much anymore, but your nose worked just perfect. Day by day you got slower, but still your tail was waving. The last month your strengths started to decrease. After one of our fun times in the dogpark something was not right with you. Your body suddenly gave up. We made a decision to let you go, so you did not have to suffer.

Sometimes life is painful, sometimes it’s sad, but sometimes life is surprising and happy. Thank you Madde for being 14 years in my life <3 Always in my heart Madde 19.6.2005-10.7.2019 <3
Good breed type.Good head & expression. Good length of neck. Good laid back of shoulder but short upper arm. Well angulated hindquarters. Good topline & tailset. Good movement up and back. Very good coat and condition.

Dianne Tyssen 4.7.2009