My name is Kristina Bergström and I'm breeding Petit Basset Griffon Vendeèn's under kennel prefix After Me. I have always loved dogs and spend a lot of my free time with activities related to them. I have also a passion for photographing.

For me the dogs are first of all loved family members and share every day with us in our home. I want to keep the number of dogs at home low and for now we have two petit's at home lighting our days. I co-own few more who lives with their families and visit us every now and then. I believe strongly in teamwork and taking the breed forward would not be possible without that.
"I believe in teamwork"
My first dog was a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and she made me fall in love with the breed. I got intrigued by the breeds happy and outgoing attitude and the easy-going look. Petit is a versatile breed and suits for many different activities. My own petit has been both successful at dog shows and also been really well awarded as a hunting dog.

I have tried all possible hobbies with dogs, from agility to obedience, blood tracking to dog shows. Dogshows developed to be the number one hobby for me. For many years I worked hard to develop my skills in both showing and grooming. I have been lucky to get to know and show many different breeds around Europe.

After 20 years of being active in the breed I finally felt I was ready to take the next step and I applied for kennel name. Same year first After Me puppies were born. Before this I had followed many breeders work for years, learned a lot about pedigrees and seen the result of different combinations.
"I aim for touch of style and bunch of joy in my breeding"
I cherish health and well-being of dogs. As a breeder I do my best to make the right combination of parents and pedigrees to achieve happy and healthy petit's with right breed type. I would say I aim for touch of style and bunch of joy in my breeding.

On our homepage you can follow our life with this happy breed and our journey breeding them.


Kristina is the chairwoman of the Finnish Bassetclubs breeding committee
Kristina is member of the Finnish Kennelclub and Finnish Bassetclub since year 2000.
She is also member of SuKoKa (Suomen Koirankasvattajat)