Puppies planned soon

“We cherish health and well-being of dogs. We hope our puppies will bring lots of happiness to their families.”

Kristina Bergström

We are excited about our upcoming puppy plans, which will taking place in the near future! If you are interested of an After Me puppy, we hope and greatly appreciate to hear from you in good time! This way we can get to know each other better. We have time to discuss your hopes in a puppy as well as our expectations of new homes in general.

Occasionally we might also have older dogs available for the right homes!

The easiest way to get in contact with us is to send us an email to kristinamariabergstrom (@) gmail.com! Write a short introduction of yourself and how you found this funny breed.

Kennel After Me

Kristina Bergström

Small-scale breeding focusing on quality. We cherish health and well-being of dogs. We aim for touch of style and bunch of joy in our breeding

Ajatuksiani kasvatuksesta

Ajatuksiani kasvatuksesta. Minulle tärkeintä on terveys ja koirien hyvinvointi. Jokaisen pentueen suunnittelen huolella ja pyrin löytämään yhteensopivat vanhemat ja sukutaulut saavuttaakseni iloisia, terveitä ja oikean rotutyypin omaavia petittejä.

Jokaisen yhdistelmän pitää pyrkiä tuomaan lisäarvoa rodulle ja ylläpitää rodun monimuotoisuutta.

Haluan, että After Me -petitti on monipuolinen. Koiran on oltava valmis liikkumaan ja harrastamaan omistajansa kanssa, mutta sen on osattava myös rauhoittua ja rentoutua kotona kuten rotumääritelmä kuvaa rodun luonnetta.

Jos olet kiinnostunut After Me -pennusta älä epäröi ottaa yhteyttä niin jutellaan lisää! Kerron myös mielelläni tulevista pentuesuunnitelmista.

My thought about breeding

I want to share few thoughts about what I think is important in breeding... I cherish health and well-being of dogs. As a breeder I do my best to make the right combination of parents and pedigrees to achieve happy and healthy petit's with right breed type.

Each combination should add some value to the breed and maintain the breeds genetic diversity.

For me the most important thing is to breed loved family members - petits you can both be active with and enjoy relaxed life indoors. I would say I aim for touch of style and bunch of joy in my breeding.

If you are interested of this happy, active and sometimes stubborn breed don't hesitate to contact me and ask more. I'm happy to tell also about our future breeding plans.