My once in a lifetime dog. A record breaker. The Superman!

D.O.B. 6.10.2010
Breeder: Sirkka Sundström
Owner, groomer & handler: Kristina Bergström

Father: Multi Ch Mirepoix's Sid Vicious
Mother: Ch Nightdream Isidore Ducasse

Biggest achievements

#1 HOUND IN FINLAND 2013-2014-2015
#1 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen in Finland 2013-2014

BEST IN SHOW-winner at the Nordic Winner show 2013 out of 9000 dogs
& many other BIS wins at big shows

Representing Finland in Eukanuba World Challenge 2014.
First ever finnish dog in the finals (top 12!)

BIS1, BIS2 & BIS3 under one weekend @ 3 winner shows!
In total over 20.000 dogs were entered for these 3 huge winner shows.


International Champion
International Show Champion
Nordic Champion
Finnish Champion
Swedish Champion
Nowegian Champion
Danish Champion
Estonian Champion
Russian Champion
Latvian Champion
Croatian Champion

World Winner 2016 (+BOS)
Nordic Winner 2015 (+BOS)
Helsinki Winner 2014 (+ BOB, BIG2)
Nordic Winner 2013 (+ BOB, BIG1, BEST IN SHOW)
Finnish Winner 2013 (+ BOB, BIG1, BIS3)
Helsinki Winner 2013 (+BOB, BIG1, BIS2)
Estonian Winner 2013 (+BOB & BIG3)
Baltic Winner 2012
Split Winner 2017 (+ BOB & BIG3)
Finnish Junior Winner 2011

European Veteran Winner 2018
Veteran Champion of Poland
Veteran Jubilee Winner 2018

Hunting test
1st prize and almost maximum points in his first hunting test.
7.1.2013 / Sweden

Eyes checked clear
Very stylish. 2 years old. Excellent breed type. Proper ribcage. Very balanced all over. Correct hindquarters. Excellent coat texture. Very proud mover with an excellent tail carriage.

Laurent Pichard

ACCHIEVED FROM Shows (updated 10/2015)

Year 2014-2015 (BIS/group wins & BIS-placements)

BEST IN SHOW at Basset Specialty in Norway
Gavin Robertson (breed & BIS)

GROUP WINNER at Varkaus INT dogshow (3000 dogs entered)
Jose Vidal (group) and Paula Sunebring (breed)

GROUP WINNER at Tampere INT dogshow (4000 dogs entered)
Kurt Nilsson (breed & group)

BEST IN SHOW - 2 at Vaasa INT dogshow (4000 dogs entered)
Gunnar Nyman (BIS) Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (breed & group)

Best in Show - 3 at Turku INT dogshow (4000 dogs entered)
Tino Pehar (BIS), Tuula Savolainen (group), Ann Carlström (breed)

TOP 12 at Eukanuba World Challenge (representing Finland, first ever finnish dog in the finals!)

Best in Show - 4 at Jyväskylä INT dogshow (5200 dogs entered)
Giuseppe Alessandra (BIS), Annukka Paloheimo (group), Zafra Sirik (breed)

Group Winner at Seinäjoki INT dogshow (3600 dogs entered)
Markku Kipinä (breed & group)

BEST IN SHOW at Porvoo all breeds dogshow (over 2700 dogs entered)
Saija Juutilainen (BIS), Tuire Okkola (breed & group)

Best In Show-3 at Helsinki all breeds dogshow (almost 1700 dogs entered)
Kari Järvinen (BIS) and Harri Lehkonen (breed & group)

Best In Show-2 at Kouvola all breeds dogshow (almost 2000 dogs entered)
Petr Rehanek (BIS) and Jan Coppens (breed & group)

Group Winner at Kuopio international dogshow day 3 (over 3000 dogs entered)
Petru Muntean (group) and Dick Rutten (breed)

Best In Show-2 at Kuopio international dogshow day 2 (about 3000 dogs entered)
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (BIS), Delerue Pedro Sanches (group) and Sakari Poti (breed)

BEST IN SHOW at Oulu all breeds dogshow (over 2400 dogs entered)
Harry Tast (BIS), Saija Juutilainen (group) and Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa (breed)

Group Winner at Kokkola all breeds dogshow (over 2400 dogs entered)
Liliane De Ridder-Onghena (group), Panos Demetriou (breed)

Group Winner at Forssa all breeds dogshow (over 2500 dogs entered)
Tino Pehar (breed&group)

Best In Show-2 at Järvenpää all breeds dogshow (about 2000 dogs entered)
Annukka Paloheimo (BIS), Claudio De Giuliani (breed&group)

Best In Show-3 at Joensuu international dogshow (over 2000 dogs entered)
Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (BIS), Mats Jonsson (breed&group)

Best In Show-2 at Helsinki international dogshow (over 2000 dogs entered)
Angel Garach Domech (BIS), Claudio De Giuliani (breed&group)

Best In Show-2 at Vaasa international dogshow (over 2500 dogs entered)
Anca Giura (BIS), Leni Finne (group), Aila Lehmussaari (breed)

Group Winner at Imatra international dogshow (over 2500 dogs entered)
Leni Finne (group), Anatoli Zhuk (breed)

Best In Show-3 at Jyväskylä international dogshow (over 4300 dogs entered)
Johan Juslin (BIS), Marja Talvitie (group), Gavin Robertson (breed)

Finland 2013

BEST IN SHOW at Nordic Winner 2013 (over 8600 dogs entered)
Carlos Fernandez Renau (BIS), Harry Tast (group), Gerardo Paolucci (breed)

Best in Show-2 at Helsinki Winner 2013 (over 6600 dogs entered)
Rainer Vuorinen (BIS), Jose Homem De Mello (group), Noreen Harris (breed)

Best in Show-3 at Finnish Winner 2013 (over 7000 dogs entered)
Soile Bister (BIS), Tino Pehar (group), Jose Homem De Mello (breed)

Best In Show-2 at Jyväskylä international dogshow (over 5100 dogs entered)
Carla Molinari (BIS), Carlos Fernanzed Renau (group), Dan Ericsson (breed)

Best in Show-4 at Lahti international dogshow
Irina Poletaeva (BIS), Laura Cox (group and breed)

Group Winner at Seinäjoki international dogshow
Jari Fors (group and breed)

Group Winner at Vantaa all breeds show
Eva Jönsson (breed and group)

Best In Show-2 at Mäntyharju all breeds show (1500 dogs)
Harry Tast (BIS and breed), Kirsi Nieminen (group)

Best In Show-3 at Turku all breeds show
Kresten Scheel (BIS), Harry Tast (group and breed)

Best In Show-4 Helsinki Eukanuba Summer Show (over 2500 dogs entered)
Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (BIS), Hans van den Berg (group), Espen Engh (breed)

Best in Show-4 at Tuusula all breeds show (over 2500 dogs entered)
Sylvie Desserne (BIS), Saija Juutilainen (group), Stephen Wheeler (breed)

Group Winner at Hämeenlinna all breeds show
Jari Fors (group), Soile Bister (breed)

Best In Show-4 at Hamina international dogshow (over 2000 dogs entered)
Ricky Lochs-Roman (BIS), Gunnar Nymann (group and breed)

Shows abroad 2013

Group Winner and new Danish Champion at Bornholm, Denmark international dogshow 17.8.
Karl Erik Johansson (group), Agnes Ganami-Kertes (breed)

BEST IN SHOW at Viimsi, Estonia all breeds show 14.7.
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (BIS), Gunnar Nymann (breed and group)

Best in Show -3 at Viimsi, Estonia all breeds show 13.7.
Gabriela Ridarcikova (BIS), Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (breed & group)