I have always had a passion for showing dogs and have been lucky to get to know and show many different breeds during these years. Read more and find pictures of these dogs on this page.

Nightdream Rhyme De Moines "Täplä"

One of my all time favorite dogs, mother to my dog Madde and grandmother to my dog Ricky.

Together we have acchieved

  • Group Win at big international show in Kuopio 2008
  • Specialty BEST OF BREED and BIS3 2010
  • Best bitch and BOS at Specialty 2012
  • BEST IN SHOW veteran at Specialty 2012
  • Veteran World Winner title 2012
  • Best of Breed win in Austria Clubshow 2012
  • Estonian Veteran Winner 2012 and BIS-3 Veteran!

Mirepoix's Sid Vicious "Sid"

Dad to my dog Ricky. Visited Finland years 2010 and 2011. Lives in the US.

Together we have acchieved

  • Group Winner in Oulu int show
  • & Many Group placements together

Curd Graf Von Schwerin "Curd""

Grandad to my dog Ricky. Imported from Germany in 2006. Lives and is loved by Sirkka at kennel Nightdream

Together we have acchieved

  • BEST OF BREED at Helsinki Winner 2010 under Eleanor Bothwell, from UK
  • Many Group placements

Minskuhoff's Grand Olivienne "Oona"

Lovely gbgv bitch that introduced me to this breed

Together we have acchieved

  • #1 TOP GBGV of the year in FInland 2014
  • BEST OF BREED at Nordic Winner 2013
  • Best Bitch & BOS at Finnish Specialty 2015
  • Best Bitch & BOS at Helsinki Winner 2014
  • & several other BOB's and group placements

Shalako N Coros Cattin Around "Findus"

Such a stunning schipperke!

Together we have acchieved

  • World Winner 2010 and Best Male in Denmark
  • World Winner 2011 and BEST OF BREED in Paris
  • Veteran World Winner 2014