New champions during our summer vacation in Split, Croatia
Thank you friends for year 2016

Jazz – BOB CACIB CC and Shortlisted to TOP 6 in group

Kuopio international show

BOB CACIB & CC – Shortlisted to TOP 6 in group
Jazz (Soletrader Just Jazz)! She turned yesterday 15 months and this was the first time she could compete for cacib.

Petits were judged by breed specialist Gunnar Nymann, kennel Chouan

BOS CC -> New Finnish Champion & CACIB
Emoi (Empereur Du Parc Des Chaumes)
Emoi is owned by Anja Mellema. He is visiting Finland and staying with Sirkka Sundström at kennel Nightdream. I hade the pleasure to show him to Best Male.
Thank you Oona for all your help in BOB & BOS competition and thank you Terhi for taking care and preparing Emoi to the show.