It’s Christmas time

Winner shows x 2

Ricky got his 18th CAC and finished his Finnish Champion title the other day!! Nightdream dogs had a super weekend aswell, under you can find some results:

Saturday 8.12, Helsinki Winner
judge: Mark Cocozza, UK

Ricky, BM-4 with resCC
Nightdream Gabriella Ferri “Pirre” HEJunW-12

Nightdream Isidore Ducasse “Lettu” BOS & HEW-12
Nightdream Rhyme De Moines “Täplä” BOB-vet & HEVetW-12


FinJW-12 HeJunW-12 Nightdream Gabriella Ferri age 10 months

Sunday 9.12, Finnish Winner
judge: Juhan Juslin
Ricky BM3 with res-cacib and CC -> Finnish Champion
Nightdream Gabriella Ferri “Pirre” Finnish Junior Winner 2012!